Types of Homeowner Safety Locks

Types of Home Safety Locks

Your home should be the one place on earth you feel safe, and happy to just be yourself and relax. This is the reason you need to ensure that you purchase the correct locks to secure your possessions whenever you’re not around.

The problem when you’re looking for a lock is that there are just so many on the market. You’re probably wondering just which one you should choose for each of your separate needs. This quick guide to types of homeowner safety locks will tell you all you need to know about the locks you should be buying depending on your specific needs. Take a look.

Electronic Code Locks

The lock of the present and future, an electronic lock that opens via a code you punch in is for you. The majority of models allow you to create various different user codes for all the members of your family. You can also create temporary codes for guests.

Although electronic locks are more expensive than their traditional counterparts, as they utilize customizable codes generated by you, the user, to gain entry to your property, they’re more difficult to break into because of that reason.

Also, you’ll never run the risk of losing your keys ever again!

Electronic Locks

These are usually battery powered, and also feature a mechanical keyhole just in case!

Smart Locks

The last of the techie style locks to consider are smart locks, that are unlocked via a wireless signal from your authorized mobile phone. There are various different types of smart locks, with ones that are installed above the handle, and others that replace the whole handle and door bolt.

The main benefit of these locks is that they can be managed remotely, and you can control who is allowed to open the door at any time you like.


These good old fashioned locks are great for locking outhouses, sheds, garages, and more, and come in both keyed, and combination varieties.

Knob Locks

As the name suggests, these are knobs that have the lock cylinder within the knob, and should always be used on interior doors, as they’re not a good form of external security, being able to be hammered or pliered off easily.

Lever Handle Locks

Again, these locks are used on internal, and frequently commercial doors. Often used in buildings that are disability-friendly, these doors should never be used externally in case they are forced open by burglars.

The above are some of the most popular locks used in America today. Others include, Cam Locks, Mortise/Rim Locks, Wall Mounted Locks, and more. Your home security is one of the most important foundation aspects of owning a home.

Protecting your possessions, and those of the ones you love is easy when you know what locks to choose, and having the right homeowners insurance.    Contact BOLT Insurance Agency for your home insurance needs today.