Travel Agents Insurance

Travel agents are skilled individuals that work in the tourism industry and help

their clients find great deals and services for business trips and family vacations,

including services like hotel reservations, car rentals, airplane tickets, and a

variety of vacation packages. As a travel agent, you also have some risks that put

you in danger of financial struggle or litigations should something go wrong. Since

many of these occurrences are accidents and therefore unforeseen, it is important

to be protected beforehand with travel agents insurance.



Types of Travel Agents Insurance



Travel agents and their associated business have a variety of options when searching

for the best insurance policies for security and protection. These insurance policies

offer coverage for litigations, liabilities, and a number of other risks that can

arise when you least expect it.



Travel Agents General Liability Insurance



If you run your travel agent business out of an office, you need general liability

insurance for travel agents to cover the host of problems that can arise and lead

to lawsuits. For instance, if a client comes into your office and hurts himself

on faulty office furniture, you can get sued for the damages. Having general liability

insurance will protect your business and financial assets if an accident occurs

in your office. Aside from that, there might be a problem with the services you

have provided a client, such as miscommunication in your travel agents advertisement

that the client was unaware of, and that eventually leads them to suffer from it.

Issues arising in regards to the travel services you provide that lead to litigation

will be protected by general liability insurance.



Travel Agents Business Owners Policy (BOP)



A business owners policy, commonly referred to as a BOP, is an essential insurance

policy for travel agents that provides coverage for a multitude of risks. In the

case of an accident, extreme weather conditions, or natural disaster, your business

office may suffer a great deal of damage such as to your office structure, electronic

equipment, or furniture. All of this is covered by the business owners policy along

with your important paperwork and documents, and files you may have lost from your

computer. It also provides coverage to your financial assets as you might experience

a loss in business while repairs are made to your office, and therefore are unable

to continue to work for a certain period of time.



Travel Agents Professional Liability Insurance



Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance,

is crucial insurance for travel agents to have in their arsenal. No matter how diligent

you are in your profession, mistakes happen during business. If you have made an

error while planning for your client’s vacation or business trip, it may cause the

client emotional or financial harm and then could sue your business for the damages.

Professional liability insurance protects your travel agency from such claims.



Travel Agents Commercial Auto Insurance



If you use a vehicle for business purposes, such as picking up supplies for your

office, or dropping off important vacation documents to your client’s office, you

will need commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance offers protection

to you or your employees who drives the business vehicle for errands related to

your travel agency in the case of an accident during these business-related trips,

as well as protecting the vehicle in the case of damages, theft, or other issues

that may arise.



Travel Agents Workers’ Compensation



Worker’s compensation insurance is required by law for any type of business, including

travel agencies. If your travel agent business has at least one employee, they will

need to be covered by workers compensation in the case of an occupational illness

or injury. If your employee is injured while on the job, such as from a file cabinet

falling over and causing them bodily harm while they file paperwork for a client,

their medical treatment and hospital stay will be covered by worker’s compensation




Travel agents insurance offers protection for a multitude of issues that can arise

during business, including accidents, errors in business practices, and damage from

natural disasters. Many unforeseen events occur during the course of business, and

if you are properly covered with insurance, you will offer your business the protection

it needs.