Tis the Season for Small Business Holiday Hazards to Watch Out For

If you are planning on throwing a holiday party for your employees, it is imperative that you keep certain safety precautions in mind. By knowing what hazards to look for during the holidays, you can keep them under control and avoid any problems that result in employee injuries or property damages. This lets you decorate your office with Christmas lights, allow holiday attire and throw a fun party without worrying about accidents that might occur. Here are some of the top holiday hazards to look out for.

Limit the Alcohol

During your holiday party, consider not serving alcohol or at least limiting how much is served. Talk to the bartender and ask them to mix the drinks light, or have drink tickets for each person. You can hand out two drink tickets per employee, which only allows them to have two alcoholic drinks. After they have used both tickets, they must order only non-alcoholic drinks at the party. Make it more fun by creating a signature drink that does not contain alcohol.

Keep Out Toxic Holiday Plants

Many plants that are festive, like a poinsettia or Christmas cactus, are fun to have in the office and safe. However, other plants should not be put in your office because they can be toxic. Avoid the following potentially toxic holiday plants:

  • Holly
  • Azalea
  • Amaryllis
  • Christmas Berry
  • Winter Cherry
  • Regular Mistletoe
  • Boxberry

Be Careful with Decorations

Many holiday hazards have to do with the decorations you choose to use. If you are hanging twinkle lights around the office, make sure you use indoor-rated ones indoors and outdoor-rated ones outdoors. When displaying a Christmas tree, be careful for the potential fire hazards and only plug it in when you are in the office. Turn off all lights when you leave for the day. If you are using snow spray, be very careful where you spray it to avoid getting it in someone’s eye.

Safety First When it Comes to Food

Another holiday party hazard is serving food that might be contaminated with food-borne illness, or that affects someone with food allergies. If you have employees with food allergies, be sure to properly label everything you serve. Peanuts are used in a lot of holiday treats, so make people aware of the ingredients. Also know who is preparing the food, making sure no illness breaks out due to the food you are serving.

Not only should you follow these important steps for avoiding holiday hazards, but you should have proper business insurance. Property insurance and workers’ compensation insurance are both essential business insurance policies to have during the holidays.