Tips to Prevent Snowmobile Accidents

Tips to Prevent Snowmobile Accidents

Even though snowmobiles are exciting and a fun way to get around the slopes or trails, they can be dangerous as well.  Recklessness and negligence often result in accidents that can harm you and others.

In fact, statistics show that in the United States, there are thousands of snowmobile-related accidents that happen which result in injuries and even death. Typically, the leading causes of the accidents are speeding, natural obstacles, and alcohol intoxication.

There are laws and regulations regarding snowmobiles in states where the off-road vehicles are most popular. All states require you to be a certain age before you are allowed to operate this machinery and many of them require you to register them and take a safety course before you ride one.

Even though these regulations are put in place, serious accidents and death still occur. For instance, rates of hospitalization, injury and death were higher for snowmobiles in Alaska for the years 1993 – 1994 than that of on-road vehicles. More than half of the injuries and death related to snowmobiles were due to natural objects like ravines, rivers, and boulders. Of all cases of death from these snowmobile accidents, 65 percent of the people had 0.10 or higher blood alcohol content levels.

In Maine, between the years of 1991 through 1996, there were over 1,300 snowmobile-related accidents where 80 percent of them were caused by negligence or excessive speed. Among these, 13 percent were caused by alcohol intoxication.

These are only a few of the many snowmobile-related accidents, injuries and death statistics. But, as you can see, being cautious and taking extra safety measures could save your life or others. Below are some tips to keep you and others safe while enjoying this sport.

Slow Down

Speeding is a leading cause of snowmobile accidents. Slow down. Don’t treat your snowmobile like a sports car. There is no reason to push your snowmobile too far to get from point A to point B.

Keep to the Trails

Stick to even terrain and designated paths as much as possible. Going off course can put you at risk of crashing into boulders and trees or falling down steep slopes.

Don’t Drink

Don’t drink alcohol before or during your snowmobile ride. Even one drink can impair your judgment and make it difficult to operate your snowmobile.

Get Trained

Take a safety course on snowmobiling and receive the adequate training and instructions on how to operate one before using one.

You should always look before you go and exercise caution when you are crossing railway tracks, roads a and trail intersections. A little due diligence will go a long way in keep you and others safe while riding.

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