Tips to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires

avoiding christmas tree fires BOLT


There is nothing more festive and homey than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. All those ornaments, tinsel, and lights give any home a magical feel. However, it’s those very same Christmas lights can sometimes be a very deadly fire hazard.

Although generally infrequent in number, Christmas tree fires can be extremely devastating to everyone involved. FEMA has stated that one in three Christmas tree fires that happen in the home are the result of an electrical issues. Furthermore, although uncommon, when this type of fire does happen, it has the real potential to be serious.

In fact, reports state that out of every 31 home Christmas tree fires, one ends up in a fatality. Compare this to around one death as a result of every 144 home fires, and you can see that this is a very serious issue.

Take a look at these important tips to prevent Christmas tree fires this festive season.

  • Never buy a tree with dried out or brownish needles, as a dry tree is more likely to catch fire. Choose only a freshly cut tree with green needles.
  • Keep your tree moist by watering it every day so it doesn’t dry out.
  • Check your old holiday lights for signs of wear, and for any loose wires.
  • Use only decorations and lights that are flame retardant. If in doubt, check the label. All indoor and outdoor lights should be independently tested a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).
  • Ensure you only use a single extension cord that’s not too long or that can be or is tangled.
  • Always unplug the lights when going to bed or going out for the evening.
  • Never in any circumstances use candles, or any naked flames for decorating a Christmas tree.
  • If you have an outdoor tree, ensure all the light connectors aren’t near any metal rain gutters, and that they’re not touching the ground.
  • Always keep the tree at least three feet away from all heat sources.
  • After Christmas, get rid of your tree via a recycling program, don’t leave it in your home, garage, or outside your house.
  • Never burn old, dead Christmas tree branches on your open fire.

Christmas should be a time of fun, love, and making merry. Ensure your holiday season is as safe as possible by following all the guidance above.

All of us here at BOLT Insurance Agency wishes you a happy and safe holiday season.