Tips for Running Your Lawn Mower Safely

tips for Running your Lawn Mower Safely

You have to mow your lawn every weekend during the summer. It’s something we all have to do. But, running a lawn mower requires careful preparation and consideration of safety issues. Each year, there are over 60,000 injuries treated in the emergency rooms due to unsafe power lawn mower operation, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. In order to operate your lawn mower safely, you need to understand the safety procedures.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Keep your lawn mower in good working condition. Before using it each season for the first time, make sure you have it serviced so that it works properly. Before you inspect or repair your mower equipment, ensure the motor is off. Remove any debris using a broom handle or stick and not your feet or hands.

Keep Kids Away

When you have kids running around, it is more than ever important to follow lawn mower safety. You should not have your kids riding on riding mowers as passengers or being towed behind. Always know where your children are and keep them away from the mower and your working area.

Use Caution

Wear protective goggles, gloves, long pants and sturdy shoes when you are operating the lawn mower. You should never wear flip flops, sandals or mow barefoot. Don’t consume alcoholic beverages while you are running the mower. Your feet and hands should never touch the blade of your mower under any circumstances. This includes when the engine is off. If you have just cleared debris off the blade, it could cause the blade to swing around and cause you severe injury.

Operate Your Lawn Mower Correctly

Before you use your mower, be sure you read the instruction manual carefully. Don’t remove any shields, safety devices or guards on switches. Make sure you add fuel before you turn the mower on, not while it’s hot and running. Don’t leave the mower unattended while you have it turned on and don’t walk away from it before shutting off the engine. Keep clear of the engine cowling since it gets really hot and can burn your skin.

Survey Your Yard

Small objects like woodchips, rocks, twigs and small toys can be picked up by the lawn mower and thrown around. Make sure that when you are near drop offs, on hills, approach corners or have anything obstructing your view, you exercise caution.

Although millions of people operate a lawn mower routinely each year without any mishap, there is still always the chance of an injury if you don’t take caution. If your lawn mower is of the riding lawnmower type, you might need a separate policy to cover things like rollovers and collisions. Contact BOLT Insurance Agency to learn more.