Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle Safely in the Fall

Motorcycle Fall Safety Bolt Insurance

Fall is just around the corner and the days riding into the evenings in the summer are near ending. As the season changes, motorcycle riders have new conditions they have to deal with. Although you might still get some of that lingering summer heat in the fall, temperatures are still declining, leaves are falling from the trees, and the daylight is fading away faster. This is why it’s important to have some riding tips for fall under your belt.

Check Your Skill Set

If you are not a regular motorcycle rider, your skill set can also fade away. Therefore, if you haven’t been on your bike in a while, take some time to get reacquainted with it. Do some braking drills and slow speed maneuvering in an open area.

Watch for Leaves

Falling leaves can be hazardous to motorcycle riders. Other people enjoy taking leisure drives in the fall to check out the colored leaves. They might be distracted a little and aren’t paying attention to their own driving. They might not see you. Keep a safe distance away from other motorists. Leaves that have fallen on the road can be slick, whether they are dry or wet, and cause traction reduction, which can make it hard to stop. Take is slower when you are riding and stay aware.

Pack Some Rain and Cold Weather Gear

Every now and then you are going to get stuck in the rain when you are riding. You might want to pack waterproof rain gear in your backpack, saddlebags, or the storage compartments in your bike.

Also, it can also get quite chilly at times so throw in some cold weather gear as well.  Since visibility can be compromised by rain, you should carry a pair of goggles or glasses as well.

Deer Season

The fall season usually brings out more deer as well and causes more collisions. When you are out riding, the last thing you want is to have a deer dart out in front of you. Always wear protective gear while you ride and constantly be scanning the roads when you are in rural areas for deer. Deer movement tends to peak during dawn and dusk, so stay especially alert during these times.

There is no doubt that the fall season is a captivating time to ride. Back road traffic has decreased, the air is pure and the leaves are full of color. With this new setting, however, come new conditions just like any other season and you have to be prepared. Further, be sure that you’re protected with a good motorcycle insurance policy.