The Importance of Creating Brand Awareness

Companies big and small want to become successful and market themselves with every method available to them. One such method is brand awareness, which has shown to be highly effective in getting consumers to remember and recognize a company’s brand. If you have recently started a company and are looking for an efficient way to advertise your business, consider incorporating your brand into your marketing efforts by creating a logo or catch phrase.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the practice of creating a unique brand for your business and using that brand to inform consumers of your business in order to increase sales and  repeat business. By having a brand that becomes memorable through various advertising and marketing strategies, consumers become more aware of your brand and company. The main components of developing brand awareness include creating your company name, slogans, logo image, identifying your target customers, incorporating packaging, service special events and other value details, advertising with the brand you have created, and encouraging customer relations management.

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

The importance of creating brand awareness is that it not only brings a larger client base to your company for purchases, but it also encourages repeat business. Consumers want to buy from a name they know and trust; one they can familiarize themselves with. When you have an attractive logo and a slogan that is easy to remember, your brand defines you and is therefore in the consumers mind when they are ready to make a purchase similar to the products and services you offer.

How to Create Brand Awareness

A variety of strategies come into play when creating brand awareness for your company. Not only do you want to start with an amazing logo for a great first impression, but continue to maintain and manage that brand for future awareness of your company’s brand in the consumers thoughts. The following are important aspects of creating brand awareness:

  • Images – The images you create for your company’s brand are essential in the brand awareness process and will further the success of your client base and business. Images include not only the logo, but additional images places on business cards, newsletters, the company website and blog, packaging, and other advertising supplies and materials. The image should represent your company in a positive way, be tailored to fit your expected customers, and correspond to the style of the type of business you’re in.
  • Slogans – The slogan in an equally important detail of creating brand awareness, and should remain consistent with all of the marketing and advertising you set forth. Your slogan should be catchy, be relative to your industry, fairly short, and easy to remember. Once you have created the slogan, use it consistently throughout your advertising materials and media circuits. For example, one of the most popular slogans by Nike is “Just Do It.”
  • Logo – Create a logo that is recognizable as belonging to your company. Have a logo designed that represents your company in a positive way through unique imagery intended to send a message about your company, as well as being easy for consumers to relate to your business.
  • Messages – You are sending a message when forming a business and creating brand awareness. The message should correspond with the type of business you have and what your intentions are. Let the message blend in with your brand awareness by incorporating your goals as a business into your advertising campaigns. For example, if you want your consumers to know that your products are made by a US-based company, encourage buying local and from the United States in your advertising as a way to not only promote your message, but your business.

The importance of creating Brand awareness is not only about creating a brand for your company, but seeing it through and incorporating various marketing strategies into your advertising. It improves sales and creates a larger clientele as well as encouraging repeat business.