The Benefits of Hardwired Fire Alarms

Benefits of Hardwired Fire Alarms

When you shop around for a new fire alarm, you have a choice between a traditional hardwired one or a wireless version. While wireless have some definite benefits, there are still some reasons you might want to opt for the standard hardwired variety. These are connected to your home’s electrical system, which you will see has many advantages.

They Have Two Power Sources

Wireless fire alarms typically use a battery source as the main power source, which means you need to change the batteries periodically and hope the battery isn’t low when you need the alarm to work. However, the hardwired fire alarms will have both electrical power and battery power.

This means as long as the electrical system in your home is working, your hard wired fire alarm is powered on to detect smoke or fire. Most hardwired fire alarms also have a battery for backup in the event that the power goes out in your home. If you have a portable generator, the alarm can work with the generator and save battery power.

The Alarms Send Signals to Each Other

Another major benefit with fire alarms that are hardwired is that they are connected to each other with your home’s electrical system. If one office in the building detects smoke before the others, that alarm will go off, It will then also send a signal to the others so that all alarms start going off. This can be a huge benefit in order to warn everyone at the same time.

They Have Heat Detectors

While the new wireless fire alarms have some technological improvements, so do the hardwired alarms. For example, many of the new hardwired smoke and fire alarms have heat detectors built in. That way, they won’t be set off just because they detect smoke. Rather, they will also need to detect high temperatures.

This means the detector won’t go off due to steam in the bathroom from the shower or because of smoke in the kitchen while cooking. It makes it more accurate to only fires. This is a great convenience and lets you know if the alarm is going off, a fire is most likely the cause.

Consider hardwired fire alarms for the fact that they are reliable, have extra power sources, and will send signals to each other. Be sure to be covered with homeowners insurance, though, in the event that your home and belongings are damaged by fire.