The Benefits of Automated Braking Systems

Automated brake systems are one of the more advanced systems that go into newer vehicles. Studies reveal they have resulted in a significant improvement in crashes, because vehicles no longer have to rely on the driver’s instincts and fast reflexes.

If you own your own business, you might want to consider the various benefits of automated braking systems. In fact, according to a report byUSA Today, there are 1.9 million crashes less a year due to the new features of vehicles, which include these braking systems. General Motors also reported that only about 40 percent of people brake when in an accident, showing just how important they can be.

What Are Automated Braking Systems?

Automated braking systems can help to minimize a crash by applying the brakes automatically, instead of the driver having to do it on their own. While they were previously only available in driverless cars, and then luxury vehicles, many conventional vehicles now are equipped with these types of braking systems.

There is a scanning device that has updated computer software, usually coinciding with a camera, laser or radar, in the vehicle. This is placed in front of the vehicle, so that it is always scanning for objects, people and other vehicles. If it looks like the vehicle is about to approach an obstruction in front of it, the system allows the brakes to be put on.

How Well Do They Work?

The tests so far have been very good. The effectiveness of the automated braking systems depend largely on the speed of the vehicle. If a motorist was driving at a slow or moderate speed, the vehicle often stops enough to avoid a crash altogether.

In other cases, the vehicle was going very fast, so the crash still occurred, but the brakes allowed the car to slow enough to avoid a fatal situation. It is also not uncommon for vehicles with automatic braking systems to also include other anti-crash technology, such as backup cameras, blind spot detectors, adaptive headlights, and lane departure warnings.

What Are the Benefits?

When you run a small business, there are a variety of benefits to having vehicles with automated braking systems. Here are the most important advantages:

Protect drivers. One of the big benefits to an automated braking system in your fleet vehicles is that your drivers are protected. They either get no injuries or less injuries thanks to the system. This not only is protecting the safety of your drivers, but is also decreasing how much you are paying for workers’ compensation claims.

Insurance premium discounts. Speaking of insurance, what if you had lower insurance premiums with automated braking systems? This might include lower insurance premiums for workers’ compensation insurance and your commercial auto insurance policies.

Less damage to vehicles. You are saving money on having vehicles repaired since you are reducing how many potential accidents your drivers are getting into.

Whether or not your fleet vehicles have automated braking systems, you should always have adequate business insurance, especially a good commercial auto insurance policy.