The Benefits of Adding Roadside Assistance Coverage to Your Auto Insurance Policy

Roadside Assistance Coverage

You can find yourself stranded on the side of the road because of things like stalled engines, flat tires, and running out of gas. Chances are, this has already happened to you and you know how frustrating it can be. The good news is for a few more bucks each month, you can add roadside assistance coverage to your auto insurance policy so you will have immediate help if this should happen to you.

Situations Roadside Assistance Insurance Covers

Roadside assistance insurance can provide an important safeguard for you in many situations, including:

Flat Tires

If you get a flat tire while out driving, no need to worry. You can simply call in a roadside professional to come out where you are at the scene and put your spare tire on for you. This comes in handy when you are not sure how to do it yourself. If you don’t have a spare or its damaged, they can tow you to get your car off the busy road.

Trip Insurance

If you have holiday traveling plans, it’s a good idea to add travel insurance on to your policy. This coverage will keep you covered for unexpected emergencies during your trip like a medical emergency. Travel insurance can also cover you for things like lost luggage, trip cancellation and medical expenses, depending on how much coverage you purchased.

Fuel Delivery

Roadside Assistance coverage can also cover you if you run out of fuel. A roadside professional will come to you with gas to fill your car up so you can get it running again. The service and delivery are free; you just pay for the fuel costs.

Locksmith Service

If you find that you have locked yourself out of your vehicle and you don’t have a spare key, a quick call to a roadside assistance service will get you back into your car. You only have to pay for the spare key, however, you don’t get to keep the key.

Give yourself peace of mind this year when you plan on traveling by adding roadside assistance coverage to your insurance policy.

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