Swimming Pool Servicing Business Insurance

Swimming pool servicing businesses handle all of the cleaning and maintenance jobs of a swimming pool. They may provide services to swimming pools and Jacuzzi tubs in residences, as well as businesses such as hotels, fitness clubs, and recreational centers. If you have chosen to start a swimming pool servicing company, you should be aware of the risks associated with this profession. Since you’re providing a service, there is always the risk of damaging the customer’s personal property with your equipment or chemicals, along with personal injury of your customers or employees. To protect these and other risks, you should obtain swimming pool servicing business insurance in order to avoid being responsible for litigation and liability costs.

Types of Swimming Pool Servicing Business Insurance
When you own and operate a swimming pool servicing business or aquatic pool and spa services business, there are several types of business insurance policies to choose from. The following policies are standard for your type of business:

Swimming Pool Servicing General Liability Insurance
General liability insurance is a standard insurance policy for service companies like a swimming pool servicing business. With general liability, you will have optimum coverage in the case of personal injury, property damage, advertising injury, or other legal claims. For example, if while cleaning a customer’s pool, your chemicals spill and cause damage to your customer’s personal property, general liability will cover the costs of this type of damage.

Swimming Pool Servicing Inland Marine Insurance
Inland Marine insurance is a unique type of policy that will offer coverage against loss or damage of your business equipment and goods while you are providing service to your customer’s swimming pool, along with equipment that is stored or being transported. If you are providing maintenance services to a customer’s swimming pool and the equipment in your van get stolen, that loss is covered by Inland Marine.

Swimming Pool Servicing Workers Compensation
If you employ others to work for your swimming pool servicing business, you need to have worker’s compensation for each of them. Worker’s comp protects your employees in the event that they get a work-related illness or injury, but it also protects your company from being responsible for medical and/or legal costs as a result of the injury. If an employee gets injured while cleaning or servicing a swimming pool, the medical costs are covered under worker’s comp.

Swimming Pool Servicing Commercial Auto Insurance
Since your profession requires you to visit the homes or businesses of your customers, you are using a vehicle for business purposes on a daily basis. Each time you drive your company vehicle, you are at risk for an accident which should be covered by commercial auto insurance. Aside from vehicle accidents, other unexpected events may also be covered under commercial auto such as fire, theft, or vandalism. For example, if your company vehicle is vandalized while it is parked at a customer’s home, you will get coverage for the repairs to the vehicle along with any goods that were destroyed or stolen.

If you want to have a lasting and successful business, you need to be properly protected. This is done by choosing the best swimming pool servicing business insurance available to you, to make sure every risk exposure is covered.