Summer Increases Red Light Driving Violations

According to a report released by the National Coalition for Safer Roads on May 20th, 2015, red light driving violations increase during summer months. This report was based on data collected during the summer season of 2014.


The National Coalition for Safer Roads has access to red-light safety cameras and used these cameras to collect information about red-light violations. The cameras used were located in twenty-one states across the US.


Memorial day, Independence Day, and Labor Day typically have the highest number of summer travellers. In 2014, these heavily travelled weekends were also when the majority of red-light running occurred. Of the 3.7 million United States drivers who ran a red-light in 2014, over 100,000 occurred over the course the the three holidays. The breakdown of the violations are as follows:


  • 37,800 violations on Memorial Day
  • 34,522 violations on Independence Day
  • 35,118 violations on Labor Day


Additionally, the data collected indicated that the highest number of violations occurred on Fridays between 1pm – 5pm. Based on this information, the National Coalition for Safer Roads deemed these hours to be the most dangerous time for drivers to be on the road.


The coalition wanted to make it clear that the summer months can be very dangerous time to be the road. In addition to the increase in red-light violations, drivers are distracted and possibly speeding. All of these factors increase the risk of traffic accidents occurring.


Melissa Wandall, President of the NCSR, shared the purpose behind sharing these statistics concerning red-light running with the public. Millions of people are on the road during the summer months, and the coalition was hopeful that awareness of the added danger during these times would help reduce injuries and fatalities which occur as a result of traffic accidents. The hope is that this can be accomplished through more careful driving, and encouraged drivers to following these safe driving practices:


  • Stay focused by decreasing distractions such as use of cell phones or loud music.
  • Always require everyone riding in the vehicle to properly buckle up.
  • Allow yourself ample time and space to react to traffic.
  • Do not violated the speed limit.
  • Always stop at red lights.


Over 10,700 fatalities occurred between 2001 and 2013 in an intersection or as a result of an intersection-related traffic accident. Because of this, it is important for drivers to understand the additional risk of intersection-related accidents during summer months based on the increase in red-light violations. As always, drivers should aim to drive safely and cautiously during the summer months, and be covered with auto insurance, whether it is personal auto insurance or commercial auto insurance.