Some Apps Help Small Business Employees When They’re on the Go

Many small businesses that are looking to expand their operations may need some of their workers to hit the road, whether it's for a day or a week, and some owners might be concerned that this could cause a drop in vital productivity at a critical time. However, there are now a number of mobile apps that allow users to stay just as productive even when they're not physically at the office.

Apps that mimic traditional software products are often extremely popular, as many may allow users to draw up rich text files, create PowerPoint-like presentations and fill out spreadsheets just as easily as they could on a laptop or desktop computer, according to a report from USA Today. These can then be used in conjunction with a company's cloud computing service to upload and download all the necessary documents they might need in the field, or that their coworkers back at a company's headquarters might need from them. Cloud programs likewise can help to save workers from having to carry a lot of potentially sensitive information on a mobile device, which can potentially be lost or stolen a little more easily than a traditional computer.

In addition, apps that help these workers keep closer tabs on everything they need might likewise be handy so that they don't miss a flight or have a problem with a hotel room they thought they booked months earlier, the report said. These apps can organize all such information and show workers exactly what they need and where they should be at any given time. These may also be used in conjunction with many devices' built-in map applications when workers are out of town. 

Of course, programs that allow users to vide-conference with others can also prove invaluable in many cases, and thus these might be something into which businesses want to look, the report said. This can allow them to have conversations and answer questions in real time, and potentially help owners or other employees to better understand a situation.

Companies that are looking to expand may likewise want to think about the added costs that can come with doing so, including small business insurance costs associated with workers' compensation and general liability insurance policies. Having the ability to adequately plan for these added premium costs before making any other business decisions may be vital for keeping a company afloat.