Small Businesses Pushing Lawmakers to Improve Cybersecurity Laws

Data breaches at businesses of all sizes have been a major focal point for companies because they’ve grown so prevalent. And while most aren’t caused by anything nefarious, the fact remains that hackers are targeting companies more often these days, and smaller ones could constitute easy scores. Consequently, federal lawmakers are considering how they might be able to improve the situation for such firms by stiffening cybersecurity laws.


Congressional lawmakers are now considering a number of ways in which they can boost cybersecurity after a data breach takes place, according to a report from the Washington Post. However, experts in the business sector – especially those representing smaller companies – say that the laws don’t go far enough. Because while they will help to remediate the effects of data breaches in some instances, they don’t do enough to prevent them. That’s what many industry leaders consider to be key for protecting companies going forward.


“It would be a step in the right direction, but not a panacea,” Todd McCracken, president of the National Small Business Association, said during a hearing held by the House Small Business Committee, according to the newspaper. “Cybersecurity has emerged as a significant problem and concern for the small-business community. [S]haring cybersecurity information is useful, but what small businesses really need is to know how to use that information.”


What’s the problem?
At issue here is the fact that, when data breaches happen, many small companies may take weeks or even months to notice that information has been accessed without permission, or even stolen, the report said. That’s because, unlike major firms, they don’t have the IT staff on hand every day to really ensure that people aren’t getting into their systems. That problem in turnaround time when it comes to identifying potential risks could be a major issue for companies related to cleaning up their own mess.


But at the same time, experts say more can be done to prevent them as well, the report said. Education may be key here, but could go a long way toward helping companies protect themselves from serious breach problems.


What can the government do to help companies protect themselves from data breaches?What can the government do to help companies protect themselves from data breaches?


What else can they do?
Owners who want to ensure their companies are more fully protected from data breaches, in a financial sense, may want to consider the benefits of investing in a type of small business insurance known as tech insurance. This will help cover the costs of dealing with a breach when they happen.