Small Businesses Making a Greater Commitment to Mobile Use

Small businesses are always looking for new ways to be innovative and help themselves grow, and one way in which many have recently found this to be effective is by adopting mobile devices. These can help them in a number of ways, and the vast majority on entrepreneurs now see the inherent value in these products.

Today, 80 percent of small business owners with between one and 10 employees say that they use mobile technology to aid business growth and operations, according to a new survey from SurePayroll. In fact, these entrepreneurs report that they spend at least 30 percent of their work time using a mobile device, and 1 in 10 do so at least 50 percent of the time. Only 16 percent say they don’t use such devices at all.

“We see the increase in mobile use from our customers, as many of them do payroll for their businesses straight from our mobile app,” said SurePayroll vice president Scott Brandt. “And we can all see how our phones are a constant part of our daily lives now. It only makes sense that business owners are using the technology for business a larger percentage of the time.”

What are owners’ preferences?
Brandt also noted that there is often a big difference between why companies choose to use Apple mobile devices, versus those from a broader number of manufacturers which support Android, the report said. In general, Apple users reported that they enjoyed the products because of how easy to use they were, and when it came to companies using Android phones and tablets, their preferences were that they were less expensive than similar Apple products. They also liked that Android devices could be used more flexibly, across more platforms.

In all, 58 percent reported that they use Apple products, while another 32 percent said they use Android, the report said. Meanwhile, just 1.6 percent use BlackBerry, which used to be ubiquitous in the small business world, while 1 percent use Amazon’s new smartphone offering. On a global level, though, the share is very different, with 78 percent of companies using Android.

Owners who want to make sure their companies run as efficiently as possible may want to consider ways in which they can cut their ongoing costs. This might include finding more affordable small business insurance – including coverage like commercial insurance – as a means of possibly saving thousands of dollars every year.