Small Businesses Can Benefit Greatly From Social Media

Small businesses looking to grow can take advantage of technology, such as cloud computing and social media. However, it is important to revisit small business insurance portfolios to ensure policies are in place to protect against liability stemming from these technologies.

Once a small business owner ensures all the proper protections are in place, they can begin to use technology to their advantage. One of the best tools for marketing in this day and age is social media. 

1. Create a voice: When using social media to get in touch with customers, small business owners will want to create a good voice. Whether on Facebook or Twitter, it is recommended to have an individual posting on behalf of the brand to give the company a voice that clients can connect with. 

2. Know the audience: One of the most important factors about using social media as a business is to know the audience. For example, whoever is creating the social plan should be well aware of the target market's point of view and activities as well as any one who might influence their purchases. Additionally, small businesses will want to know where their target audience engages on social media. Facebook has the most active users, but that doesn't mean the audience wont be on Twitter more often. 

3. Avoid content that mimics press releases: While small business owners will want to use social media to get the word out about their company, it is best to avoid publishing content that mirrors press releases. Instead, any content posted on social media pages should be creative, effective and interactive. Customers will want to interact with content that seems human, not robotic like the typical press release. 

4. Start with a few channels: With the popularity of social media booming, there are numerous channels available to reach customers. However, it is recommended that small business owners only use a couple because it is better to master a few than be mediocre at a bunch. That being said, the two best to begin with are probably Facebook and Twitter, as these outlets have the most users. If used correctly, these two social media channels can increase a businesses reach markedly, which could lead to accelerated growth.