Small Business Vandalism Prevention Strategies

Keeping your business property secure with locks and gates makes it secure from intruders who might steal your merchandise or cash, but it also deters vandalism. Criminal acts like vandalism leave marks on your building, therefore giving off the impression that others can do the same. There are a number of ways to prevent vandalism and deter criminals from entering your property.


Outdoor Changes


There are some changes you can make outside your building that will help to deter and prevent vandalism from occurring on your establishment and property. They are inexpensive and fairly easy to do. First, set up outdoor lighting to turn on when it gets dark. Most vandalism occurs at night when the person doesn’t think anyone will see him or her. With lights on, they won’t be as tempted to vandalize your property. You can also put graffiti-resistant coating on the walls of your building that will keep them from marking it with graffiti.


Security System


Improve your security system by having an alarm system installed. Have the alarm system triggered when someone comes into your business property. This is especially true if your business is a large retail outlet or office building that can be fenced at night; if someone gets over the fence, the alarm system will sound.


Employee Training


The opening and closing procedures of your business also make a difference. Be sure your employees are well trained on proper procedures, such as locking the doors, closing the fence or gate if you have one, and turning on the alarm system. If you have the funds to do so, you can also hire a security guard company for patrol; they will drive around your property every hour or so at night to look for intruders.


Community Involvement


One thing businesses often overlook is community involvement. Preventing vandalism is a team effort, and if you work with local businesses, chamber of commerce, and law enforcement you can set up a business watch. This is similar to a neighborhood residential watch, but for local businesses to keep a close eye on their property at night and be aware of intruders. By advertising the business watch, criminals and intruders are less likely to want to vandalize your property with the risk of being caught.


Report Vandalism


If your business does get vandalized or is subject to graffiti, don’t let it go unnoticed. Instead of just painting over graffiti or making repairs, be sure to report the crime to local law enforcement. They will conduct an investigation, which involves taking pictures and coming out to your property to assess the damages. When they’re finished, paint over the vandalism immediately. This notifies others in the area you won’t tolerate vandalism and having it cleaned up helps prevent future occurrences.


By taking these steps to prevent vandalism, you can keep your property secure from other types of crimes, such as theft. Aside from taking the proper actions to prevent vandalism of your business property, you should also get a business insurance policy that covers vandalism. Policies such as crime insurance will offer additional protection so that if you do get vandalized, the cost of cleaning it up will be covered.