Small Business Owners Now Often Need Social Media to Reach Customers

Small business owners have probably heard a lot in the last few years about the importance of getting involved in social media and regularly updating these accounts. It’s one of the best ways in which entrepreneurs can help to ensure success for their companies when it comes to reaching a larger number of prospective customers or clients.

The problem with social media, in general, is that there’s no definitive “right way” for companies to use it, and that can lead to a lot of confusion among small business owners as to how they should operate their accounts, according to a report from the Allen American. Consequently, it might be wise for companies to take a number of different tacks when it comes to managing social media and see which works best for drawing followers and getting content shared as much as possible.

One trap many companies may fall into is being too narrowly focused on their approaches, the report said. Many use social media solely as a means of promoting themselves, or only to deal with customer questions or interactions, but often it’s wise to do both of these things simultaneously so that they’re hitting as broad an audience as possible. In addition, it might be wise to produce unique content that isn’t just a link to the company site – or something similar – that people might like and want to share with their friends or followers.

“Social media is not just about talking to your customers, it is about making content sharable,” Ryan Short, founder and creative director of MODassic Marketing, told the newspaper. “You want part of your website to be shared with your customers and then have them share it with all of their friends. You shouldn’t view two people walking through the mall as two customers, you should view them as 2,000 customers since they can share their experience with people in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.”

Of course, owners likely have a lot on their plates already and therefore may not be able to devote as much time or attention as they would like to their companies’ social media efforts. However, taking the time to reduce company costs with more affordable small business insurance could give them a little more flexibility and peace of mind. Lower premiums for workers’ compensation or general liability insurance may even free up enough money to hire someone, even part-time, to concentrate on social media efforts going forward.