Small Business Owners Finding Success in Arizona

The amount of optimism held by many the owners of many independent companies is on the rise, even as costs for certain small business insurance policies remains somewhat high, and this may be especially true in Arizona, where many such enterprises are now finding some amount of success.

At a recent panel on the state of small business in Phoenix, both the president of the National Small Business Association and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said that there was considerable reason for optimism among owners in that state specifically, according to a report from the Phoenix Business Journal. The Arizona economy was one of the hardest hit by the recent recession, and that was especially true of its housing market, but these days the local economy is on the mend and many are starting to feel better about the prospect of their companies succeeding.

Today, 97 percent of all businesses within Arizona's borders are independently owned, the report said. With this in mind, Brewer vowed that the state's government would do more to make things easier on owners from a governmental standpoint going forward, as a means of encouraging these companies to continue growing, and potentially for new ones to start up.

"You create the jobs, wealth and prosperity, not the government," Brewer told the assembled small business owners in attendance, according to the news outlet. "We are working with the legislature to simplify sales taxes. I've got a plan to end this madness."

In all, it's believed that there will be about 98,000 available jobs in the state over the course of the next 12 months, and that lawmakers will likely focus on getting specific measures passed during that time, the report said.

Small business owners likely have many considerations to worry about in dealing with the everyday operations of their companies. This can include ensuring that money is coming in and focusing on efforts to expand a business's brand. However, it should also involve keeping up with regulatory of legal changes that might affect them, as well as making sure they have enough insurance coverage, whether it's for worker's compensation or general liability insurance policies, to ensure that any unexpected issues that might arise do not come with a cost so large that it can sink the entire company. Comparing rates for these policies may likewise be vital to finding the best possible coverage for each company's specific needs.