Small Business Insurance Quotes Online

Starting a new business is an exciting venture, filled with endless possibilities.

But it’s not without real risks. From litigation to fire to employee injury to property

damage, your small business faces threats at every turn. That’s why it’s crucial

that every small business obtain small business insurance quotes to obtain protection

against common risks and liabilities, as well as unforeseen and unexpected situations.



There are multiple ways to get small business insurance quotes online. Here’s an

overview of two of them.



1) Lead buyer. One option for obtaining small business insurance quotes is

through a lead buyer. A lead buyer takes your information request for business insurance

online, but then sells your information to multiple insurance agents. On average,

you can expect the lead buyer to sell your information to eight or nine agents.

These agents will then contact you to try to get your business. What can you expect

from this process? Lots of phone calls and emails as these agents compete to get

to your first.



2) Online insurance agency. BOLT is the only online insurance agency who

will provide you with small business insurance quotes online — and instantaneously

— from multiple insurance carriers. This enables you to be in the driver’s seat

— so to speak — to compare the best coverages and best prices. On the other hand,

others will take your information, take a couple of days before getting back to

you, and when they do get back in touch you with, they’ll only provide you with

one or two quotes. With BOLT, once you complete a quick online form, you get multiple

small business insurance quotes in real time. In addition, BOLT has a team of customer

service agents, who are all licensed insurance agents, so you’ll never have to wait

to obtain information or help you with your business insurance questions.



What’s more, BOLT specializes in small business insurance. We know the risks that

virtually any small business faces, and know what type of coverage is best suited

to protect your unique business needs. Given the ease of getting BOLT’s online small

business insurance quotes, staff’s small business insurance expertise, and commitment

to protecting small businesses, there’s no reason to not be protected.