Small Business Burglary Prevention Tips

While you may think your store is located in a safe neighborhood or you have made the right precautions against crimes, burglaries are still a risk. You may not be able to prevent all crimes that are committed by skilled criminals, but there are some ways to deter a burglar from making you their next victim. Here are some easy tips for helping to reduce your risk of a burglary.

Make it Difficult to Hide

Burglars will usually go for the businesses that provide them easy ways to hide. It’s a high probability that they will rob your business at night, when they assume nobody is there. It is dark, and they try to find bushes or trees to hide behind so nobody on the street can spot them. You can work against them by making it difficult to hide. Trim all of the bushes, shrubs and trees on your business property. Turn outside lights on and keep them turned on all night, so that the criminal feels too exposed to bother.

Use High-Security Locks

The next thing you want to do is make it more difficult to get in your building. Don’t just use generic locks, but high-security deadbolts. Padlocks are appropriate in some cases, but they need to be made of hard steel. The deadbolt locks are very hard to get into, except by an experienced locksmith. Line the security doors with metal and security crossbars, so that the front door of your business cannot be broken down. Get security hinges that can’t be screwed off in order to open the door.

Secure the Windows

Another way criminals rob buildings is by going through the window. Have break-resistant glass installed in your building, making it very hard for them to break the glass and gain quick entry. Have secure locks on all windows and consider metal grates if you feel it is appropriate. This is especially helpful when you have windows with displays inside, where they want to break the glass and make a run with the loot.

Invest in an Alarm System

Alarm systems work in two ways for preventing burglaries. The first way is as a deterrent. Most criminals will see that you have an alarm system, and not bother. They will go find another place that doesn’t have this setup. The next way is by preventing them from actually stealing anything. Even if they get into your building, the alarm will go off, and they will most likely make a run for it to avoid getting caught.

Remove the Temptation

Lastly, remove the temptation of stealing from your business by removing items from your display window every night. Or at the very least, remove valuable items from the windows. You are only inviting in burglaries, even if it is someone just walking down the street. This is a crime of convenience, where it is in the middle of the night and they see a valuable item right there in your window.

If you are still a victim of a burglary, the best you can do is protect your business assets and property. Do this by getting business insurance, like business property insurance. Any damage to your property will be covered by the insurance policy.