Should Small Business Owners Get a Jump on Holiday Planning Now?

Though it’s only mid-October, the window in which small business owners can start to prepare their companies for a potential surge in activity during the holidays is already closing fairly quickly. Therefore, it might be wise for these entrepreneurs to look into the ways in which they can get ready without devoting so much time or attention to the issue that they’re hurting their regular business.

Far more sectors than just retail typically see a jump in business during the holiday season and for this reason it’s usually wise for owners to make sure they are fully prepared for the rush their small businesses could face at this time, according to a report from the Shreveport Times. If certain steps are not taken to get ready for an increase in business, there could be a serious problem getting up to speed when the holiday shopping season begins. Interestingly, a recent survey found that 39 percent of consumers start their holiday shopping before Halloween, and another 40 percent get it under way in November.

One of the easiest ways small businesses can get ready for this time is to make sure they have a large amount of printed gift certificates or gift cards on hand and ready to go, as these are favored gifts that move quickly at this time of year, the report said. Along similar lines, it’s usually pretty wise for small businesses to start planning their promotions for major holiday shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and especially Small Business Saturday, so that they can properly advertise them through all the necessary outlets.

Similarly, it might be prudent to start crafting a small business social media plan for the holidays, as this might be the time of year when people are most on the lookout for deals, the report said. If an attractive offer were to pop up in a person’s Facebook or Twitter feed during this time, it might be more effective than the same deal shown to them in July.

Owners might also want to make other preparations to improve their companies’ bottom lines before things get too hectic, such as finding more affordable small business insurance. Cutting premiums for policies such as workers’ compensation or liability insurance could go a long way toward reducing overall operating costs and getting businesses farther in the black.