Should I Repair or Replace My Car Window?

Replace Car Window

No matter where you live, anything can happen to your windshield. It could get hit by a passing uncovered construction truck with pea gravel falling out of it, cars passing by can kick up rocks, and more.

You might be wondering if you should repair or replace your windshield if it gets cracked or chipped.  You definitely want to get something done since that crack or chip can eventually turn into a much bigger problem.You might be tempted to go with the cheaper option, but you have to understand that making a poor decision can actually cost you your life.

Generally, many of the cracks and chips can just be repaired depending on a some factors, which a qualified professional auto glass repairman can evaluate.

Size and Depth

Typically, cracks that are only three inches in length or chips that are around an inch in diameter can be repaired. Anything bigger than this might not be able to be repaired and you might require a replacement.


Location is a big factor in the decision of whether to repair or replace your car window as well. Repairs, even done extremely well, can still leave mistiness, discoloration and unevenness behind which can reduce your visibility and decrease clarity. So, if the crack is in line with your vision, you might require a complete replacement.


You should have your windshield replaced if it was involved in a major accident. This includes if the chips and cracks are tiny since the accident could have weakened the glass and supporting frame which leaves your windshield vulnerable to future cracking.


If you have an old windshield that is hazed or pitted, it needs to be replaced (even if there are no cracks or chips). These kinds of windshields magnify the glare you get at night from oncoming car headlights.

If it is cost you are concerned with when deciding to repair or replace your windshield, a brand new windshield might not be as expensive as you think. In fact, in a lot of cases, your car insurance will pick up the tab under your comprehensive coverage. Therefore, it is important that you have auto insurance and perhaps check in advance if they cover this sort of thing. You never know if and when you will require a windshield repair or replacement so you want to be sure you are protected with good auto insurance.