Screen Printers Insurance

Screen printers provide printing services on a variety of materials. They do this through transferring images using ink or other processes such as coating and adhesives. Customers of screen printing businesses include assorted businesses and organizations who want their logo and slogans printed on t-shirts, hats, and the like, as well as individuals who have created original images they want transferred onto fabric gifts.


Screen printing can be done on t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, tote bags, and other items made of fabric. Some screen printing businesses also do printing on non-fabric items like glassware and signs. Screen printers and screen printer business owners need to be aware of certain business risks, such as employees getting a repetitive motion injury or customers slipping in the screen printing shop. To protect these and other business risks, you should obtain screen printers insurance.


Types of Screen Printers Insurance


A diverse set of screen printers insurance policies can help you get optimal coverage for all risks you are exposed to in your line of work. The following are the most important to consider:


Screen Printers General Liability Insurance


General liability insurance for screen printers offers coverage for certain types of legal liabilities, including products liability, premises liability, and completed operations. As an illustration, suppose a customer is visiting your store and slips on a spill on the floor. In this case, it’s quite plausible that they could sue you for damages. However, this would be covered by premises liability. Products liability covers any products you sell that might cause harm, such as the ink from a shirt causing an allergic reaction. Completed operations will protect your business from liabilities relating to services you provided, such as misspelling a company name on a dozen signs you made.


Screen Printers Property Insurance


Your screen printers shop property should also be protected with a property insurance policy. This will offer coverage for any type of damage done to your screen printer shop property and its contents. This means if a natural disaster or fire was to cause damage to the shop, equipment, or other contents, it could be replaced with the help of property insurance.


Screen Printers Equipment Breakdown Insurance


The equipment used in your screen printing business is essential for maintaining your daily business operations. If your automatic press, digital imaging equipment, or printers were to break down, you couldn’t perform duties at your business until they were replaced or repaired. Equipment breakdown coverage will help protect loss from your equipment breaking down by helping you make necessary repairs or replacements as well as coverage from lost business income as a result.


Screen Printers Commercial Auto Insurance


Business auto insurance is necessary if you use a vehicle for business errands. You or an employee may need to use a company or personal vehicle to make a nightly bank deposit or pick up screen printing supplies. You may even use your business vehicle to make delivery of your completed screen printed customer orders. Either way, business auto insurance is designed specifically for these business errands to offer coverage for bodily or property injury resulting from vehicle accidents.


Screen Printers Umbrella Insurance


Your liability coverage policies, including General Liability and Commercial Auto insurance, are exceptional insurance policies but they have coverage limits. This is what makes umbrella insurance so important with a screen printing business. You can use your umbrella insurance policy to increase your liability limts for all of these risks under one policy to protect your business for claims that exceed your primary policy limits.


Screen Printers Workers’ Compensation


Employees who work at your screen printing business are a risk of various work-related injuries, many of which may relate to repetitive motion injuries. Wrist, back and shoulder injuries are probable, as well as injuries from standing for long periods of time. To protect your employees, obtain a worker’s compensation insurance policy for them so that they have paid medical care while your business is not liable for the injury.


Screen Printers Crime Insurance


Your screen printing business is at risk of a range of crimes, including employee dishonest acts or forged money and checks from customers. You may have checked references and ran background checks for your employees, but it doesn’t prevent future crimes from occurring. They could use your business to make shirts for free, steal cash from the register, or embezzle money if they help with your bookkeeping. To protect your business from any sort of crime, getting crime insurance as part of your insurance for screen printers portfolio is essential.


To protect the business you have worked so hard to build, insurance is your best bet. While you can’t avoid unexpected events that might come your way, with screen printers insurance, you can ensure the protection of your business assets.