SBA Offering Free Small Business Cybersecurity Online Course

Cyber crimes are a constant threat to small businesses that have websites, whether they use it for advertising their services, selling products, or connecting with other businesses within their industry. There are always new ways to protect your data and avoid cyber attacks, with the help of cyber security information, and best practice for top-notch security.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is now offering another helping hand through its free,online course that teaches the importance of cyber security to small businesses, including recognizing security breaches, how to protect your information and that of your customers, and learning more about risk management.

About the Course

The free online course for cyber security by the SBA is 30 minutes long and available on their website. It is easy to access and is self-paced, allowing you to go as fast or as slow as you need to. It can also be provided to your employees so they also learn more about protecting online transactions and actions. Described below in further detail, the topics included in the SBA Cybersecurity for Small Business online course include:

  • defining cybersecurity.
  • the importance of securing information.
  • identifying types of information to secure.
  • knowing the different types of cyber threats.
  • and defining risk management practices.

The system requirements for this online course are having Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader.

What You Will Learn

Throughout this online course, you get an excellent introduction into cybersecurity, what risks your website and business is exposed to, and how to protect yourself in the best possible way. The following topics are covered and explained during the course:

The definition of cybersecurity.  In this initially section, you learn what cybersecurity is and why you need to know more about protecting your data and computers.

The importance of cybersecurity. Course two goes more into why cybersecurity is so essential, including how much a single cyberattack can cost your business and how easy it is to occur without proper protection.

Types of information to secure. Learn more about what to secure, going beyond just your computer, and delving into security for your mobile device, wireless network, cloud storage, documents, email, and social media.

Types of cyber threats. There are many different ways you can be affected by a cyber attack or cyber threat, including causing a virus to your computer or network, having spyware installed without your knowledge, and other attacks like Trojans, bots, and phishing. This course teaches about each one.

Guarding against cyber threats.  The last course goes over how to take the right steps toward protecting your small business, network, computers, and sensitive data. You learn about different types of safety, including having a secure connection, using spam filters, and having anti-virus software installed on your computer.

As a completely free course, there is no reason not to go through it and learn all you can about proper cybersecurity. You learn how to protect your small business and can teach your employees these lessons so that you have the best protection possible. Additionally, you should also have a cyber liability insurance policy for those events that cannot be prevented.