Safety Tips for Installing Wi-Fi at Your Work Establishment

Wi-Fi is a big deal for businesses today. There are tons of computers coming in the doors of most businesses, including tablet devices, laptops, iPods, and mobile phones. It’s enough to drive a wary business professional more than a little mad.

It’s not just employees, but vendors, consultants, and customers too that come in needing Internet access in order to conduct business, or even as patrons of your business in many instances.

Keeping things safe for your business while providing the people who make your business possible with the Internet access they need can be done a little more safely if you follow these great tips.

Keep Business and Personal Wi-Fi Use Separate

In other words, business computers and devices can access the Wi-Fi of your company while personal devices of employees, vendors, contractors, and customers have access through a public Wi-Fi network. It keeps the two separate and reduces your risks of countless bugs and infections that occur when strange computers and devices gain access to your secured networks.

Turn Off Network Name Broadcasting

Don’t allow the name of your network to be broadcast. Broadcasting the name simply makes you a more convenient target for hackers and trolls. By not broadcasting the name, you’re keeping the information hidden. While “out of sight; out of mind” isn’t always true, it is when hackers are seeking an easy target, any easy target, rather than specifically targeting your business.

Choose Appropriate Security Options

WPA2 offers the broadest protection available at this point in time. Some businesses operate both WPA and WPA2 protection. What you don’t want to do, though, is to settle for WEP protection which only offers the most basic of protection and is unlikely to survive a brute force attack.

Turn Wi-Fi Off When it isn’t Necessary

Weekends and holidays when no one is in the office are outstanding times to turn off the Wi-Fi network in your office. It means that no one can break in while you’re not there to monitor things and reduces the likelihood of attack during business downtime.

Make sure you have the Right Equipment for the Job

Having the right tools makes all the difference in the world when it comes to network security. Also understanding that nothing is foolproof anymore. Equipment is nearly obsolete when it rolls of factory floors in today’s constantly evolving world of technology. Make sure your business has access to technology that’s up to the task at hand of protecting your business interests and those of your guests.

While there is no such thing as foolproof in the world of business today, these tips can help you build a bigger stronger Wi-Fi network for your employees and your guests. Be sure to be properly protected with business insurance too, including cyber liability insurance.