Safety Tips for Driving During Rush Hour

Safety Tips Rush Hour Traffic

One of the worst times to be driving is during rush hour. Lights are slow,  roads are crowded, and people just want to get home. In order to get where they are going quicker, people drive dangerously and this results in an accident. According to the Carolina Population Center, rush hour contributes to 1 in 4 car accidents. It’s very important that during rush hour, you practice safe driving. Below are some safety tips to get you through rush hour driving safely.

Give Yourself Time

You should always give yourself some extra time to get where you need to go, especially during rush hour traffic. When you are frustrated and running late, it’s too easy to pull illegal and dangerous maneuvers. This often means tailgating behind another car, cutting other drivers off or speeding up to get ahead of another car. Plus, you are not the only driver pulling these maneuvers; other drivers are as well. With all this maneuvering, an accident is bound to happen.

Take a Different Route

You can always try a different route to avoid rush hour traffic. Liven up your commute by switching up your route. You can pick a couple days a week to drive a different route. This will not just change up the scenery for you, but may also help you find a quicker route as well.

Follow with Caution

You probably already know that you should leave a minimum of one car-length between your car and the car ahead of you. In some situations, this might seem unnecessary, but when it comes to rush hour traffic, you need to have plenty of room to allow you to stop.

Practice Safety While on the Road

Don’t swerve in and out of rush hour traffic. Don’t be aggressive while driving. A National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Study showed that rush hour triggers aggressive driving behavior. Don’t be one of these statistics. Since traffic is likely to come to a sudden halt, stay safe while driving and speed up gradually. Stay in the right lane if you are a slow driver to let others pass you on the left.

Stay in your Lane

A big danger of rush hour driving is that drivers are trying to beat traffic so they dart between lanes. The best way to handle rush hour traffic is to stay in the middle or right lane and don’t be tempted to get into the left faster lane. The left lane will eventually come to a stop and you will have the chance to go again.

It can be extremely frustrating driving during rush hour. However, even more frustrating is getting into an accident due to being impatient or aggressive. To survive rush hour traffic, drive safely, don’t be in a rush, give yourself extra time and stay in your lane. Also, it’s important that you have a sound auto insurance policy as well so if you do happen to get into an accident, you will be covered.