Road Trip Safety Apps

road trip safety apps

If you’re planning on taking a road trip, not only should you prepare, but you should be safe. This means being safe from things like bad weather, car breakdown or reaching your destination safely. Thankfully, there are road trip safety apps that can help lead the way.  Here are four useful apps to have on your smartphone.

Stop Texting

Texting and driving never go together well. They’re quite dangerous together. However, when you’re on a long road trip, you must communicate at some point with people outside your vehicle. Now you can with a few apps. Both the Apple’s Siri Function and reads your texts out loud to you and sends auto-responses on your behalf. Other apps like AT&T Drivemode block incoming calls and texts and will send back a notification to the caller you’re driving and will call them back. All are free for Android or iOS devices.


This useful free app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. GasBuddy will find gas prices and locations for you when it’s time to refuel your car. It’ll even let you know if you’ll save money by traveling a little further down the road.

Emergency App

Emergency App is free for all Android and iOS users. The American Red Cross developed this app to serve as a ‘go-to’ resource providing you instructions on what to do for 14 various types of disasters and emergencies in the United States. You can customize over 35 emergency notifications based on where your contacts live and your location. You even get an online emergency first aid kit that advises you of how to handle a number of different emergencies like heat stroke or heart attacks.


It’s almost inevitable you’ll get stuck in traffic on your road trip. Now, you have the Waze app at your fingertips that provides you with real-time, on-the-road information about things like accidents, traffic congestion, construction and more. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your drive time, reroute and even find a gas station with the lowest prices. The app is free for Android or iOS users.

Just remember, although these apps are useful and are designed to keep you safe while driving on the road, pull over when you have to use them. Nothing is more unsafe than playing with your phone or texting while behind the wheel.

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