Risks of Operating a Mobile Pet Grooming Business

A mobile pet grooming business is extremely popular and in demand now. New mobile pet grooming businesses are popping up left and right.  Pet owners don’t always have the time or inclination to bring their dogs and cats into a groomer, and pick them back up several hours later, making mobile pet grooming services very convenient.


As a mobile pet grooming business owner, you are offered a lucrative profession that follows along your passion of taking care of animals, but it does come with a price. You are also at risk for a number of things, ranging from injuries from the pets, to general liabilities. Aside from mobile pet grooming insurance, there are some ways to mitigate these risks. Before doing that, it helps to know what the risks are.


Equipment Breakdown


A common risk you need to worry about as a mobile pet groomer, is that of your equipment breaking down. This could be the van where you drive to client’s homes and provide your services, or any of the equipment in the van used to groom dogs and cats. If this equipment breaks down, you will be out of business until it can either be replaced or repaired. This means days or even weeks without business income, which makes a significant difference in the success of your business. Even a day without being able to operate could cause a big loss for your business. Equipment breakdown insurance is helpful in the event of an equipment malfunction.


Injuries From Pets


The pets themselves pose a risk to you and any employees you have performing the grooming duties. Most dogs and cats will behave well for groomers, but some tend to react poorly to being in the van. This could be because they are frightened, have never met the groomer before, or because their trusted owner isn’t present. The dog groomer could get a bite, scratch, or other type of trauma from overly-excited dogs. Large dogs have the potential to cause more harm if they get upset or excited, knocking supplies over, which may cause the groomer to then be harmed in the accident.


Chemical Exposure


Another risk to be aware of with a mobile pet grooming business is that of exposure to certain chemicals. You are using a number of different chemicals for grooming services, including medicated shampoos and conditioners, and flea shampoo that can sometimes be harsh. Some people are more sensitive to these chemicals, and can therefore become ill. The pets are also at risk for illness from chemicals existing in the van. Any disinfectants or cleaning agents used put them at risk.


Risks to Pets


Aside from chemical exposure, there are other risks that could cause illness to the pets. This includes cross-contamination with other kinds of animals, allergies like asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis or allergic alveolitis, or illness after exposure to feces, diseases or parasites from other animals. Bailee’s Customer Coverage is a key protection to have in this regard.


While these risks can seem scary, they are common of all mobile pet groomers. The first thing to do is try to prevent them, by keeping your van clean in between pet visits to avoid contamination, and asking the owner to stay if their dog is especially upset. Having business insurance is one of the best ways to mitigate risks and potential lawsuits if an animal becomes ill or injured while performing grooming duties.