What are Your Rights as an Apartment Renter?

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Renting an apartment can be exciting for some and ho-hum for others. However, if you don’t take the time to learn what your rights as an apartment renter are, your new crib may quickly feel like an albatross, rather than a source of liberty and freedom for you. These are a few rights you need to know about as a renter.

Right to Safe Living Environment

You have the right to a safe and clean living environment. This doesn’t mean that your landlord must hire someone to clean for you. It does, though, mean that your apartment must meet certain minimal standards for safety and cleanliness to satisfy health ordinances when you move into the apartment.

Among the things this covers are the following:

  • Air conditioner and heaters provided as part of your rent must be in good working order.
  • Appliances that are included in the rent must be in good working order.
  • Locks for your doors must work.
  • Roof must not leak.
  • Toilets and hot water heaters must be functioning and there must be adequate water pressure.
  • Windows must open and close.

These are basic things that you should expect as a renter and demand from your landlord.

Right to Privacy

Most states agree that tenants and landlords have the right to access their property, in order to maintain the tenants right to privacy, most states require landlords to provide advance notice before entering the property unless there is an emergency situation.

Right to Reasonable Accommodations for Handicaps

Apartment renters with certain physical handicaps have the right to expect landlords to make reasonable accommodations for their disabilities. This may include things like installing special doorbells for tenants who are hearing impaired, ramps, grab bars in bathrooms, or other safety features and accommodations.

Your Responsibilities as an Apartment Renter

You also have certain responsibilities when you move into an apartment. This includes things like keeping your environment clean, operating appliances safely so you don’t damage them, and disposing of your garbage responsibly.

Another responsibility you have comes in the form of renters insurance. Not only do you need to purchase insurance to protect your possessions, but also to protect you from liability if your actions cause damage to neighboring apartments or injuries to other people. Apartment renters insurance is affordable. Use our online form to compare renters insurance quotes to see just how affordable it is.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a renter can help you stand your ground when the time is right and protect your interests at all times.