Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Insurance

Restaurant supplies and fixtures store carry everything a restaurant owner needs to furnish his restaurant. This includes various types of lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, refrigerators, dishes, furniture, cleaning supplies, linens, décor accessories, food warmers and many other smaller items. It is common for these businesses to provide rental and repair services, which increases the risk of various liabilities. Other common risks include shoplifting, theft, and property damage. Protect your risks with adequate business insurance policies.

Types of Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Insurance

There are a variety of different insurance policies available for restaurant supplies and fixtures store coverage. Choose from the following vital policies:

Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store General Liability Insurance

General liability is one of the most crucial insurance policies to protect your restaurant supplies store. It includes product liability, premises liability and completed operations. Premises liability offers protection from any accidents or injuries that occur in your store. If a lighting fixture falls and harms a customer when he is shopping, he could sue you for damages. General liability covers the medical and legal costs. Completed operations is for any services you provide, such as refrigerator repairs, that lead to loss or damage for your customers.

Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Commercial Auto Insurance

Business auto insurance is vital if you or your employees use their own vehicle for business errands. This may be meeting vendors, picking up supplies, making deliveries of large appliances or furniture, or just going to the bank. In each of these instances, a collision is possible. Business auto insurance covers vehicle damage and bodily injury for you and anyone else involved in the accident. You can also choose to add theft and vandalism to the policy.

Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Business Property Insurance

Your business property is necessary to be able to conduct business, making business property insurance one of the most important policies. If an unexpected event, like a natural disaster or fire occurs, it could destroy your merchandise and your building. Investing in business property insurance as part of your restaurant supplies and fixtures store insurance bundle helps replace the destroyed products, as well as making repairs to the building itself.

Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Cyber Liability Insurance

If you operate an online restaurant supplies and fixtures shop, it is imperative that you have a cyber liability policy. Cyber liability insurance is meant specifically for cyber crimes. Traditional crime insurance doesn’t cover these crimes, so you need this separate policy. Any fraudulent activity related to your online shop will be covered by cyber liability insurance, such as using stolen credit cards or stealing customer financial information.

Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is for the protection of your employees, but essential for your business as well. Workers’ comp covers medical, recovery and additional costs relating to a work-related injury or illness. If an employee is moving heavy boxes in your warehouse, and one drops, shattering something made of glass that gives them a nasty cut, the impending medical costs will be covered by worker’s compensation. It also prevents them from suing your company for damages.

Restaurant Supplies and Fixtures Store Crime Insurance

Your restaurant fixtures and supplies store is at risk for shoplifting, theft, vandalism and related crimes. Protect it with a crime insurance policy. This type of restaurant supplies and fixtures store insurance policy ensures any money lost from the theft or shoplifting incident is recovered, along with necessary repairs from vandalism. Crime insurance also covers employee theft, which can include embezzlement of money.

Choosing from these important insurance policies, gives your supplies and fixtures store the best insurance coverage available. This protection ensures even after an unexpected incident, you won’t suffer financially.