Refinish Your Deteriorated Headlights

Refinish Your Deteriorated Headlights

Before you get into your car the next time, glance at your headlights to see if they are cloudy or hazy. If they are, it could impair your driving, cause a traffic accident, lead to property damage, or worse, harm the welfare and health of you or others. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your headlights are working properly and that you’re covered with an adequate auto insurance policy.

When your headlights are cloudy, they don’t illuminate the road as well and can even cause scatter light that can create a glare for other drivers.

The Problem with Today’s Headlights

The headlights made today are typically from a polycarbonate plastic. Auto manufacturers do this to make the headlights more aerodynamic in shape and give them a cool style. However, the plastic that is used is softer than glass, which leaves it more vulnerable to ultraviolet (UV) sunlight and wear.

When your headlights begin to wear, their surface gets fogged or hazy and reduces their effectiveness and reduces your visibility of anything coming up ahead of you while you are driving.

With winter around the corner where snow and ice reduce your visibility and compromise your driving as it is, it’s essential that you keep your headlights as clear and clean as you can to avoid potential accidents.

Restoring your Headlights

You can restore your headlight’s clarity by yourself with restoration kits or have a professional do it for you. Auto parts stores are a good option for DIY refinishing kits, but you want to ensure the kit you buy has a final protective coating to keep your headlights clear for a longer time. You can obtain headlight restoration services through car dealerships, detail shops, and body shops.

With that said, in most cases, restoring your headlights involves buffing out the discoloration and scratches from the plastic surface on them. You should use a high speed buffer to remove the damage rather than a home polisher or hand buffing manually.

Next, you will want to apply a hard coating to the surface such as automotive clear coat paint because it offers you a more durable solution.

Hazy and cloudy headlights are dangerous. Not only do they deteriorate your car’s appearance, they also reduce your visibility and can be very dangerous in bad weather or other conditions that provides limited visibility anyway. You should apply a regular protective treatment to your headlights if they are in decent condition, but if deterioration is setting in; it’s time to get your headlights refinished right away.

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