Reasons to Consider VIN Etching on Your Business Vehicles

Whether a personal or business vehicle, auto theft is on the rise. Adding an anti-theft device to your business vehicle is a great way to deter both the professional and amateur.

While security car alarms are one of the most common anti-theft devices available — and used — in the United States, it’s not the only method out there. VIN etching is another popular anti-theft device that can decrease the risk of vehicle damage and theft.

A VIN, or vehicle identification number, is like a social security number for a vehicle. It is a number that is uniquely tied to a particular vehicle. It’s comprised of 16 characters, and includes both numbers and letters. Vehicle manufacturers are able to identify vehicles by these numbers.

Many parts of a vehicle have a VIN printed on them to deter automobile theft. However, the windshield typically does not contain a VIN. Thieves know this, and steal the windshields. The windshields are often untraceable and command a good price in the black market.

However, the good news is that “VIN etching” can be applied to a windshield to deter theft. The process involves the use of a glass etching paste and a stencil to apply a permanent VIN mark on the windshields.

Here are three important reasons to consider VIN etching on your business vehicles.

1) It’s inexpensive. Both insurance companies and law enforcement agencies commonly have etching events, whereby individuals can get vehicle VIN etching for a low cost, or even free. The entire process is quick, and typically takes under five minutes. VIN etching on your business vehicles is another low cost way to protect your vehicle.

2) It’s effective. Most thieves are pretty smart. They are aware of VIN etching and typically look for it. If a thief sees a familiar 17 digit number across the bottom of the windshield, he’ll usually bypass that vehicle and move on to the next target without VIN etching. While VIN etching isn’t foolproof because sophisticated thieves no how to remove the etching, it is still a good deterrent.

3) It’s a way to make your insurance company happy.
Insurance companies love anything that will help mitigate risk. Drivers who took the time to have their VIN etched onto their vehicle, may also have other deterrents on their car, such as security alarms and GPS tracking. Having a VIN etched in the car lays the groundwork for a quicker recovery, should the vehicle be stolen.

Keeping your business vehicles safe is a way to keep business operating continuously, and helps to reduce insurance claims made as a result of a stolen vehicle.