Rainproofing Your Car Windshield

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You may not have paid much attention to rainproofing your car windshield. However, it can be very dangerous to drive a car with a damaged windshield. You need to get your vehicle looked at if the glass has any blemishes or cracks whatsoever. Patches done on damaged glass can actually make your windshield problems worse.

Any force at all, including rain water, or going over a pothole may shatter your windshield altogether. As well as having cheap full coverage auto insurance in case of an accident caused by inclement weather, what more can be done? Let’s see how to best rainproof your windshield

Invest In Good-Quality Wiper Blades

Interestingly, rainproofing your windshield has more to do with having good wiper blades than you might think. Look for blades that exert even pressure on the glass. They need to make a clean sweep rather than leaving streaks where they don’t make actual contact with the windshield. Don’t wait until your blades are falling apart to replace them. Good wiper blades are a necessity in any downpour.

Frequently Treat Your Windshield

Use a barrier treatment to repel water from your windshield. Take advice from the professionals are your local car supplies store as to what treatments work best. It’s often worth spending money on ones that are long-lasting. You can also apply carnauba wax to waterproof your glass.

Focus On Your Technique

Ensure you’ve thoroughly cleaned and dried your windshield before you apply your waterproofing product. This helps to guarantee its performance and adherence. The best way to clean your windshield is by rinsing the glass and cleaning it with paper towel and an ammonia-based window cleaner. Then, rinse off all remaining traces of ammonia and dry your windshield off with a microfiber towel. Only then should you apply you waterproofing product by closely following the directions on the bottle.

Generally, you apply these products using a circular motion. However some people  use horizontal or vertical movements to avoid circular scratches in the case of something being caught in your cloth. Buff or wipe the windscreen with a clean microfiber cloth once the product has sufficiently dried. Allow the screen to cure in the garage for a few hours before rinsing and drying it again.

Get into the habit of only washing your windshield with water when you’re between applications to avoid breaking the chemical seal.

Rainproofing your windshield takes effort and time, however the benefits are many. The same holds true for comparing auto insurance quotes. It wise to take the time to get multiple car insurance quotes.  Use our simple online form to compare auto insurance quotes today.