Protecting Your Detached Garage

Protecting Your Detached Garage Bolt Insurance

Do you store valuables in your garage, perhaps things like lawn equipment, cars, and tools? If you store these types of valuable belongings in your garage, you increase your risk of being targeted for a burglary. Even if you have a security system for your home, chances are you don’t give much thought to your garage, particularly if it doesn’t lead directly into your home. However, intruders target garages as well, so why not give yours some added protection. Here are some ways to do that.

Don’t Leave Remote in Car

Most people have their garage door openers clipped right to their visor in their car. This is the first place that thieves look as it is too obvious. To keep thieves from gaining easy access into your garage, store your remote someplace other than your car or take it inside your home when you leave your car. If you lost your garage remote opener, it could have possibly gotten into the wrong hands. You should reset the code and disable the lost remote to be on the safe side.

Install Motion Sensors (Inside and Out)

These can be effective in letting you know what is going on outside your home. The light of a motion sensor turns on with any type of movement outside. Inside motion sensors might be a little more sensitive and could be a little annoying, but worth it.

Come up with a Pass Code

You can now create pass codes for your garage door openers, thanks to modern technology and open them remotely with your smartphone or other device. Come up with a pass code that is unique and change it often since it still can be easy for hackers to figure it out on the Internet.

A burglar typically scopes out a home before trying to break in. If they notice a security system, they will likely leave your home alone. Therefore, spending a little more money to secure your garage will give you that added protection and make your garage unappealing to thieves. No potential burglar is going to want to break into your garage when they see it is all beefed up with an alarm system. It would be too risky on their part. So, your efforts in protecting it will be worth your while.

Don’t forget to have adequate homeowners insurance as well. No matter how protected your home or garage is, burglaries can happen and you will want to be covered.