Be Prepared with FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness App

fema app

According to the Pew Research Center, around 40 percent of individuals in the United States look up government information or services using their smartphone. Now you can state up-to-date on important things, like weather alerts and potential disasters, you can simply turn to FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness APP.

What FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness App is

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has its free smartphone app which now has a new feature allowing users to receive important alerts to their devices reminding them of ways they can prepare their families and homes for disasters. Just think, the more prepared you are, the less chance you’ll have to make a homeowner’s insurance claim.

What the App Does

Now you can get National Weather Service weather alerts with FEMA’s updated app for up to 5 areas across the nation. Push button notifications come to you about severe weather nationwide, even if your phone isn’t in a specific area. With this app, you can now follow severe weather that could be a threat to your loved ones, particularly during hurricane season.

Disaster survivors and emergency responders are using mobile devices more these days to prepare for disasters and respond to them. With this new feature, you can help and support your friends and family during and after an event of severe weather.

Features of FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness App include:

  • Safety Tips: Tips telling you how to stay safe before a disaster hits, during it and after it. There are more than 20 types of disasters noted on the app including tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods.
  • Weather Alerts: Receive severe weather alerts that are occurring in specific locations that you select.
  • Disaster Reporter: Upload disaster-related photos and share them.
  • Maps of Disaster Resources: Locate and get driving directions to disaster recovery centers and open shelters.
  • Information in Spanish: When you have your smartphone set as Spanish, this app defaults to Spanish.

People’s lives are very busy and they’re constantly on the go. These days you can turn to technology like your mobile devices to stay more connected and organized. FEMA’s app with this new feature makes it simpler for you to remember to prepare for disasters and taking life-saving actions.

Get the FEMA app for free through your apple device or Android by clicking here.