Pottery Store Business Insurance

If you own a pottery store, you have certain specific risks to be aware of. You sell items like ceramic bowls, mugs and plates, hand-crafted items and those purchased from various vendors. You may also carry porcelain and stoneware in your store.  All of your products can be damaged easily, making extreme weather conditions and natural disasters your biggest business risks. Vandalism, theft and shoplifting, as well as liabilities, are other risks to be aware of. Cover these and other risks with business insurance policies.

Types of Pottery Store Business Insurance

There are many different types of risks exposed to your pottery store, so you need more than one type of insurance policy. Here are some of the most important to consider:

Pottery Store General Liability Insurance

Your pottery store should have general liability insurance for premises liability, products liability and completed operations. To illustrate:  If a customer comes into your store and the shelf containing ceramics falls over, the customer may be injured. This is covered by premises liability. Completed operations is coverage from any services you provide your customers. Products Liability gives you optimum protection from damage or loss caused by your products. If you sell pottery that is defective and breaks in a customer’s hands, they not only may have an injury, but can sue you for damages. The medical and/or legal costs are covered by product liability insurance.

Pottery Store Commercial Auto Insurance

You probably use a vehicle for business purposes, whether it’s to meet an artist of pottery or go to the bank for a nightly deposit. During these errands, you’re at risk for theft, damage to your vehicle or bodily injury if you get into an accident. With business auto insurance, you have adequate protection and don’t have to cover these costs out of your own business accounts.

Pottery Store Business Property Insurance

Unexpected events like earthquakes, other natural disasters or fire, instantly cause damage to pottery. If there is a strong wind, pottery and ceramics can fall to the ground and shatter. Luckily, business property insurance covers not just your store, but your contents. If there is an event that damages items, you can get them replaced with help from the business property insurance policy.

Pottery Store Cyber Liability Insurance

Unfortunately if you operate an online store selling pottery, you are at risk for cyber crimes. But cyber liability insurance can cover these risks. Cyber crimes cover a variety of events, like fraudulent activity, spyware, viruses and hackers. Experienced cyber criminals know how to get past your security, so getting the cyber liability policy as part of your pottery store business insurance is essential.

Pottery Store Workers’ Compensation

Your pottery store employees also need protection from work-related injuries or illnesses with workers’ comp. If pottery falls off the shelf, the employee could cut their hand while they clean up the mess. It is also heavy, so back or shoulder injuries from picking up boxes of new items is another risk. Workers’ compensation pays for any work-related injury and the resulting medical or recovery costs.

Pottery Store Crime Insurance

Your pottery store should also have protection from crimes with a crime insurance policy. Say for instance there is vandalism of your store overnight. This could mean destroying all of your breakable items, such as bowls and porcelain vases. It is a big loss, but one that is covered by the crime insurance policy. Other crimes are also covered, like theft of money and shoplifting of your items.

Pottery stores could be completely destroyed with one earthquake or natural disaster, or act of vandalism, and need extensive pottery store business insurance coverage. Don’t take your chances and make sure your business is protected.