Pet Safety During the Holidays

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Pets are creatures of habit, so the holidays can often be as stressful on them as they are on you. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to ensure your pets stay in their regular routine, and that they’re made provisions for when you’re away from home.

Be Careful with Decorations

An important aspect to consider when you’re decorating for the holidays is the all that gift wrap, tinsel, and ornaments can be very enticing to a kitten or puppy. If ingested, seemingly innocuous decorations can be very dangerous, even fatal.

Other aspects to keep in mind are:

  • Position your tree lights out of the way of your pets. We all love turning on the lights on our tree during the holidays, however, if your pet gets a hold of low hung ones, they could be electrocuted.
  • Be wary of your pets drinking the water from your real Christmas tree as this can be poisonous to animals. Also, be aware that tree needles can also hurt your pets, and even puncture their intestines if eaten.
  • Place wrapped chocolate gift, or decorations up high, rather than under your tree. Chocolate is highly toxic to both cats and dogs.
  • Put your tree in a corner, out of the way of your pet. If they continue to sniff around your Christmas tree, place a metal tin filled with coins or some aluminum foil underneath it to deter your animal from attempting to jump on it.
  • Refrain from decorating your home with poinsettia, mistletoe, and holly, as these plants are poisonous to cats and dogs. If you really must buy them, place them up high and out of the way.
  • Place burning candles out of the way on mantels or shelves, and use a screen over your fireplace.
  • Don’t give your pets any of your fatty, spicy, or greasy leftovers. Instead, ensure your animals eat healthily to avoid stomach and digestion issues.
  • Always keep your vet’s phone number, as well as a 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic number to hand in case of any potential issues.

The holidays are a time of real joy and togetherness, and through following the tips above, you can ensure your pet is safe, happy, and well throughout the holiday season, and beyond.

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