October: National Crime Prevention Month

The crime rate in the United States has always been worrisome, but it is gradually improving. Many communities throughout the country are seeing a reduction in various types of crimes. Part of this is due to the efforts of communities and law enforcement helping to prevent crimes before they occur. This is what National Crime Prevention Month is all about.

What is National Crime Prevention Month?

National Crime Prevention Month occurs every year during October. Several organizations and sponsors get together, including law enforcement and community members, including residents and small business owners. National Crime Prevention Month is the chance to recognize individuals who help prevent crime in your community, like the police department and also offer tips to improve the safety and security in your own neighborhood. Registered sites in local communities will arrange a wide array of events to inform children and adults about proper safety precautions and what they can do to help prevent further crimes. Community members include local businesses, schools and law enforcement agencies.

For each week of October, there is a different theme. In 2013, the themes are Community Engagement, Neighborhood and Home Safety, Personal Safety and Cyber Safety. With the popularity of online usage, cyber safety has become a relatively new theme for crime prevention, but a very important one.


National Crime Prevention Month is organized by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). It recognizes organizations, service members, policed and community members who help prevent crimes, along with the Celebrate Safe Communities (CSC). The U.S. Department of Justice and Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) also help sponsor these various events. Additional sponsors include law enforcement agencies, individuals, businesses, organizations and schools within each city recognizing crime prevention month during October.

The History of Crime Prevention Month

National Crime Prevention Month was started in 1984 by the NCPC. It was then they decided October would be the official month for celebrating it. Since then, every year, many schools, businesses, organizations, and government agencies have participated in the different events. Many new partnerships and sponsors have helped with local events every year. Not only does it recognize efforts  n preventing crimes, but October is also when the NCPC and other sponsors raise awareness for different issues like the importance of volunteering, victimization, and how to have safer communities for everyone.

How Businesses Can Get Involved

Businesses are encouraged to join the efforts during October for National Crime Prevention Month. There are many ways to get involved, including providing crime prevention tips in your company’s newsletter or on your website, and sending out notices to your customers. You can help hand out Halloween Crime Prevention Month Kits and inform community members. Join the Stop Bullying Now! Campaign as well to help join the cause against bully crimes in schools and contact your local newspaper or police department about joining local events.

As a small business, it helps if you participate in this very important cause during the month of October. One other thing you can do for your own business is by getting a crime insurance policy. Your business needs commercial crime insurance for a number of reasons, including, including employee theft, non-employee robbery and more.  This helps prevent the consequence of crimes you weren’t able to prevent.