NICB Reveals Motorcycle Theft is on the Rise

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The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released a report on United States motorcycle thefts for the year 2015. A total of 45,555 stolen motorcycles was reported in 2015. This is compared 2014, where there were 42,856 reported stolen, and represents a six percent increase.

Motorcycle thefts have been declining for the past nine years, declining from 66,774 thefts reported in 2006 to 42,856 reports stolen in 2014. This was a 36 percent decline. Looking at the number in 2015, we are still at a healthy 32 percent decline for the year.

In 2015, the leading 10 states that had to most motorcycle thefts reported included:

  • California with 7,221
  • Florida with 4,758
  • Texas with 3,403
  • South Carolina with 2,160
  • New York with 1,902
  • North Carolina with 1,866
  • Nevada with 1,408
  • Georgia with 1,393
  • Indiana with 1,333
  • and Virginia with 1,253

The leading 10 cities for 2015 included:

  • New York with 1,340
  • Las Vegas with 1,042
  • San Francisco with 729
  • San Diego with 717
  • Miami with 713
  • Houston with 517
  • Los Angeles with 486
  • San Antonio with 431
  • Indianapolis with 375
  • and Albuquerque with 373

Out of the leading 15 manufacturers in 2015, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. had the most stolen motorcycles with 8,674 and Triumph Motorcycle Ltd, Inc. had the least with 348. The month of August experienced the most thefts with 5,269 stolen while February experienced the fewest with 2,093. Also, there seems to be a weather-influenced pattern going on which is consistent with past years. For a full report on these statistics, you can download it here.

Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is designed to cover you and your motorcycle in 5 main areas which include:

  1. Medical bills for injuries to the rider
  2. Property damage to the bike
  3. Bodily injury to others injured
  4. Collision coverage
  5. Comprehensive or total loss coverage

Bikers face various other risks aside from motorcycle accidents such as theft, flooding and vandalism. Because of this, it is crucial to protect yourself with motorcycle insurance to ensure safe riding and ownership. Some states even require it, so you will want to check your state policies to see if this type of insurance is mandated.

It is very important to protect yourself with motorcycle insurance; however, in addition to being covered financially, you should also ensure that you are not doing anything like driving under the influence or driving recklessly to also protect yourself because your life and other lives are much more important.

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