New Rearview Mirror Makes Passengers Invisible

new rear view mirror

This fall the dealerships will be hit with the 2018 Nissan Armada and their electronically-aided mirrors. These intelligent rearview mirrors will be equipped with LCD screens connected to a camera. The goal is to enhance the driver’s field of view making it a safety feature that can help drivers avoid car accidents.

Although Nissan is not the only company to offer technology like this, it does have some pretty unique features that set it apart. And these features are built-in with safety in mind.

You function it like a regular rearview mirror and can activate it by a button located on the mirror itself. The button turns on the camera and the screen gives you a view of everything behind you through a high resolution image.

When you activate it, you get a wider viewing angle than if you were to simply look in the mirror alone. Since the camera is located at the rear of your car, obstructions inside your car like headrests, tall passengers, boxes, and children won’t hinder your rearward line of vision. It improves visibility from potential glare and in low-light conditions. The processing software of the camera adjusts the image automatically during dusk or dawn, or if there’s bright light reducing headlight glare.

One you push the button you go from a conventional rearview mirror to a mirror with video-streaming. Being able to switch back and forth is important too since you’ll also need to keep an eye on your children in the back seat in a manner that’s safe.

Unlike other intelligent rearview mirrors, this electronically-aided mirror doesn’t produce the effect of an image overlap which simply means seeing one image’s ghost transposed over another. Engineers have integrated the mirror and the screen carefully to reduce these types of effects.

Because of this, both images are integrated seamlessly so drivers don’t have to decide between the more complete, safer view behind them of traffic and being able to see their children.

Often auto insurance companies may even give you a discount for safety features like this. Be sure to check with your independent insurance agent if you buy a vehicle that has an intelligent rearview mirror like the mirror in the Nissan Armada.