National Teen Driver Safety Week 2017 Occurs October 15-21, 2017

national teen driver safety week

National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) is a designated time that Congress sets aside each year to encourage safe teen driver behavior and their passengers as well as raise awareness of safety topics geared towards teen driver safety. The next NTDSW event will be held on October 15 through 21, 2017.

This event is important for teens learning how to drive and getting that extra freedom that driving provides. For parents however, this freedom and huge responsibility that’s now left up to their teen is terrifying. NTDSW is put in place to help give teens the tools and knowledge they need to take fewer risks and adopt safer behaviors when they’re behind the wheel.

The objective is to provide experiences and educational opportunities that will not just grab the teen driver’s attention, but also change driving habits that are incredibly dangerous teens tend to turn to.

Teens need to be educated on the multiple ways they can get behind the wheel impaired, the increased risk that driving impaired causes, and the consequences that could happen if poor decisions are made while driving. Some of the activities that teenagers may engage in that can impair their ability to drive properly include:

  • Drug use
  • Consuming Alcohol
  • Emotional Driving
  • Driving While Tired, Fatigue
  • Distracted Driving (phone use, texting, interacting with passengers, changing radio stations, apply makeup, etc.)

Parents should encourage their teen drivers or their teens who are about to become drivers to attend and participate in this local awareness event.

What Can Parents Do to Ensure their Teen Drives Safely?

Parenting a teen isn’t easy, but you’ll want to do as much as possible to ensure you protect your teen. Some things you can do include:

Invest in GPS Tracking

This technology helps you locate your teen quickly as well as monitor their behavior behind the wheel. For instance, if your teen is driving fast, recklessly outside geographic boundaries you set or outside of designated hours, you’ll receive an instant notification.

Set a Good Example

Each time you get in the car, wear your seatbelt. Don’t use your smartphone while you drive, don’t drive distracted, and obey all traffic laws. Obviously no drug or alcohol use before you drive.

Giving your teen the freedom to go out and learn essential life lessons is never easy, but having GPS tracking and attending events like the NTDSW event can make it a little easier. So, can have good auto insurance.

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