More Small Business Owners Use Smartphones to Run Companies

Many small business owners have a number of things going on in their lives even beyond the demands of their companies, and these often require significant attention. However, these days, that no longer means they have to shirk their responsibilities as entrepreneurs, and a large number are finding that they can still have success with their companies by managing things using their mobile devices.

There are all kinds of smartphone apps and online features that allow a small business owner to stay closely connected with the ins and outs of everyday management even when they’re not at the office, according to a report from the Associated Press. They can communicate with their employees instantly, pay bills, talk to clients, and even update the company’s social media accounts or website, all using their thumbs. This kind of flexibility may be particularly useful to small business owners who are just getting their companies off the ground and do not yet have the ability to devote themselves to those endeavors full-time, and therefore must occasionally concentrate on other work.

What else can these devices do for small businesses?
In addition to giving the owner the ability to deal with management issues that might arise, regardless of where they are, smartphones or tablets can also allow companies to actually increase the amount of business they do at times, the report said. There are now a number of mobile payment apps that allow companies to take credit card purchases without the hassle of requiring a full-size point-of-sale device on hand. That increases the flexibility they might be able to find while at trade shows, making deliveries, and so on. That, in turn, may lead to improved revenues, and also reduced stress, because owners won’t have to chase outstanding balances from sales that might have taken place months ago.

Owners might therefore do well to invest in these mobile devices, but at the same time they should try to reduce their internal costs as much as possible to make the purchases fit more easily into a company’s budget. That might include finding more affordable small business insurance policies, such as those for commercial insurance. Finding even slightly reduced costs for such coverage can end up saving a company thousands of dollars per year, which can then be devoted to improving other aspects of the enterprise.