Modern Trends in Lawn Cutting: Smart Mowers

modern trends in lawn cutting

The average person in the U.S. spends around 70 hours annually on their lawn. Spend this time better.  Thankfully, we now are seeing a rise in robotic smart mowers.

There are many benefits to owning a robotic lawn mower.

Cuts Grass Automatically

The design of robotic lawn mowers is to cut your grass in smaller pieces at a time. You can think of it like a haircut where you cut your hair every few hours. With the robotic mower, small amounts of grass are being cut over time. Because of this, you don’t have to pick up clippings; rather they put fertilizer back in your soil.

Safety First

Above all, the smart mower is built for safety. Larger, traditional lawn mowers pose a risk to your safety. All it takes is a quick move for an injury or cut to occur.  Although the smart mowers still have fast-moving blades, by comparison with the traditional mowers, they’re much safer.

High-tech sensors are in its design that switches the blades off if you lift the machine or if the machine gets close to objects. Robotic mowers also don’t bump into things because of their collision detection system and other built-in safety features. Safety features help prevent injuries and accidents to adults, children and pets. Smart mowers are also safer for the environment since you charge them and don’t use gas.

Sense Humidity Levels

Robotic lawn mowers also don’t have a problem mowing your lawn in the sun or rain like traditional mowers. Most have rain sensors so the machines just go back to their charging dock and wait safely until the humidity levels lower and then return to their mowing.

Maneuvers Over Tough Terrain

The smart mower’s high-tech features allow it to maneuver easily over tough terrain with slopes and obstacles. Place the charging station anywhere you desire and it finds its way there when power is needed.

Use the mobile application on your smartphone to receive current status of the mower and send commands to the mower like “Stop”, “Start”, and “Park” no matter where you are. You have the mower’s menu system displayed right on your smartphone making it simple to change settings remotely. If a thief steals your mower, the system notifies you and you can track it.

Whether you hate mowing your grass or you’re meticulous about your lawn care, you might want to check out smart mowers.