Mobile Shredding Can Keep Your Business Safe

If you are running a business, you no doubt shred important or sensitive documents. This can be anything from bank statements to customer or client files. Most people are aware of the general implications of not shredding certain documents, such as a data breach, but don’t realize there is an alternative. Indeed, shredding large amounts of paperwork takes time, but with mobile shredding you save time and money, while still keeping your business safe.


What is Mobile Shredding?


Mobile shredding is essentially a type of paper shredding that is done remotely. Typically, the mobile shredding company shows up with a large truck outside your business property, transports papers to be shredded to the truck, and uses the shredding equipment in the truck to shred and recycle all of your documents. These companies often offer two options: calling and requesting immediate services, or having a set schedule on a weekly or monthly basis. It is fast, convenient and saves your employees form handling the shredding on their own. It is also a safer alternative, ensuring these documents aren’t seen by anyone else or get in the wrong hands.


 The Risks of Not Shredding Documents


When you don’t shred documents, you are putting your business at risk. Even if employees are handling some shredding in-house, the documents could still get in the wrong hands. The following are the most important risks to be aware of if you don’t shred documents properly:


Identity Theft – Your customers and clients rely on you to keep their personal and financial information safe. Sometimes, confidential or sensitive documents need to be thrown out, but simply putting them in the recycle bin isn’t enough. Shredding prevents anyone else but obtaining account numbers, phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and other personal and private information.


Security Issues – As mentioned previously, having one of your employees handle all the shredding still puts your business at risk. You never know if these documents could get into the wrong hands during the shredding process. Because it is often time consuming and done in a public area, they could take a break, miss some papers, drop some or simply make them vulnerable to others.


The Benefits of Choosing Mobile Shredding


As you can see, there are multiple benefits to choosing mobile shredding. You are saving valuable time and resources, and definitely saving money by not having employees spend their working hours on this task. Mobile shredding companies prevent you from needing expensive equipment in your office, and the convenience is hard to beat. It is also very secure, keeping the documents in their truck as they complete the shredding process, without anyone viewing the sensitive information. Mobile shredding companies also do the recycling for you, so it is better for the environment.


What Should be Shredded?


Remember to shred any documents with private or confidential information. This includes all receipts, bank statements, vendor or customer information, patient or client data, sales statistics, correspondence, personnel records, bid drafts, price lists and more.


Keeping your business safe should be top priority. You don’t want outsiders getting your company information or putting your customers and clients at risk. Mobile shredding is a more cost-effective and convenient alternative, and identity theft insurance and cyber liability insurance offers additional protection.