Mobile Pet Grooming Insurance

Having a mobile pet grooming business is beneficial to both you and your customers; you are able to run a profitable business, while your customers benefit from you visiting their homes to groom their pets. Mobile pet groomers perform all of the necessary grooming services a traditional groomer does, including bathing, trimming, and cutting nails, but in their van in front of the customer’s business or residence. If you have chosen this profession because of your love for animals, you may find it not only profitable, but rewarding. However, there are risks you should be aware of. As a pet groomer, you risk causing harm to the animal from the tools you use, along with risks of being a mobile business and other liabilities. Protect these risk exposures by purchasing a mobile pet grooming insurance policy meant to offer this type of business coverage.
Types of Mobile Pet Grooming Insurance

Insurance for mobile pet groomers is varied, giving you a range of choices. The following types of insurance policies will give you a good idea of what’s available to cover the risks you are exposed to in this profession.
Mobile Pet Grooming General Liability

If you choose any one insurance policy for you mobile pet grooming business, it should be general liability insurance. General liability will cover many of the risks you have to contend with in your profession, including covering legal costs from claims of neglect, coverage for personal or bodily injury, and property damage. If you have groomed a client’s pet and the pet becomes ill after leaving your grooming van, they can turn around and sue you for the illness. General liability insurance will protect you from these types of claims, whether they turn out to be valid or not.
Mobile Pet Grooming Professional Liability Insurance

As someone providing a service, it is important to obtain a professional liability insurance policy. Professional liability is going to protect you from legal claims regarded to the services you provide. For example, if while grooming a pet, the pet is injured such as from a malfunctioning trimmer or accidentally nicked from scissors, the client can sue you for damages. These costs may be very high, both the legal costs and medical costs. Claims like this are covered by professional liability insurance.
Mobile Pet Grooming Commercial Auto Insurance

Your main source of income is coming from the vehicle you use for your mobile grooming business. Since the vehicle is being used for business purposes, it should be protected with commercial auto insurance. When you have commercial auto, it is going to offer protection from accidents, theft, and vandalism. If you get into an accident on the way to a client’s home and it causes grooming equipment to malfunction, then those damages are covered by commercial auto. It will also offer coverage for personal injury, theft of the vehicle and its contents, and vandalism.
Mobile Pet Grooming Bailee’s Customer Coverage

Bailee’s Customer coverage would provide you with protection in the situation of an injury or the death of an animal while it was in your care, custody, or control.
Mobile pet grooming insurance is an important part of sustaining a successful business. Any of these risks can cause your business to fail since things like personal injury, legal liabilities and property damage include costs that may be more than your business can handle. Protect yourself and your business with the right kinds of business insurance.