Memorial Day Safe Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips

Memorial Day is a day that many Americans observe to remember the people who were killed while they served in the armed forces. It’s also a day where many people like to barbecue. When you pull out your grill this year, you have to ensure you take certain precautions before, during, and after you use it to avoid a fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were around 8,900 home fires each year in 2009 through 2013 reported by U.S. fire departments that involved grills and barbecues.  These were outside, structure, and unclassified home property fires.

The main causes of a grill fire is not cleaning it properly, leaving it unattended, and grilling too close to a flammable object or structure.  Here are some tips to make your Memorial Day grilling safe.

Inspect Your Grill

Before you start off your outdoor grilling season, you need to inspect your grill. You want to ensure it’s prepared properly to be used safely after being stored away for months. Check your grill for cracks, leaks, or brittleness before you use it. Remember, an unfortunate reality of grilling is the risk of an accidental fire.

Storing and Using your Grill

Make sure you use and store your grill on a surface that is large and flat and can’t burn such as asphalt or concrete. It should be a minimum of 10 feet away from trees, your home or your garage. Never grill inside your garage, on your deck, porch or on top of something that can catch fire. It is both illegal and dangerous to use a propane grill on your terrace, balcony, or roof. Don’t ever leave a burning grill unattended and keep your kids away from it.

Take Fire Precautions

Clean your grill of any fat or grease build-up from the trays below it. While cooking, if you smell gas, get away from your grill immediately and contact your fire department. Don’t move your grill while using. If you have a flame go out, turn off your grill and wait for a minimum of 15 minutes before you relight it. Don’t ever use gasoline on your grill, no matter what type of grill you have. For charcoal grills, make sure the charcoals are cooled completely after you are done using it and throw them away in a metal container.

Nothing beats the smell of outdoor grilling. Many people enjoy cooking their food this way. But, grills are a big fire hazard and can cause burn injuries.  It’s important that you take precautions when grilling this upcoming Memorial Day.

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