Managing the Risks of Using Your iPad for Work

The iPad is an incredibly useful tool for work – especially for small business employees who are always on the run. As more and more businesses and employees are turning to tools, such as the iPad for work, the potential risks and rewards of doing so are getting a good bit of the spotlight. Here are a few things to consider.

Benefits of Using iPads for Work

There are quite a few benefits that might not be immediately obvious when it comes to using iPads for work. They are ideal for portable presentations, and they allow employees to have remote access to important files when they are traveling for business, increase productivity, organize schedules, and provide a portable office for employees wherever they may need to access work files. This means they can bring work with them to the soccer field, on business trips, and to the conference room down the hall. Don’t forget that Apple offers thousands of apps designed to make it even easier to conduct business via iPad devices.

iPad Risks to Consider

Despite the many potential benefits, there are also a few risks to consider when using iPads for business. The most significant risks, of course, involve security. With the iPad, those risks are rather large. The size of the iPad makes it a frequent target of thieves.

Many times these thieves aren’t interested in the material on the device so much as they are the device itself. However, that doesn’t eliminate the risks of people stealing the devices in order to cause harm to your business networks, access sensitive files, or ascertain trade secrets.

The other major risk also involves security from a different perspective. That would be those who would hack these devices in order to cripple your business networks in a malicious manner. Either risk is substantial and can do irreparable harm to your business.

Mitigating iPad Risks

There are actions you can take, as a small business owner, that will reduce your exposure to risks from employees using iPad devices. First, protect the security of your information allowing employees to access that information via VPNs (virtual private networks). Create pro-security policies that require employees to lock their iPads, keep them updated regularly, and making use of the service Apple offers to locate, lock, and/or disable stolen iPads. This will prevent someone from accessing sensitive data if an employee’s iPad is stolen.

No matter how much you err on the side of caution, though, there are times when security is compromised despite your best efforts. That’s why it’s so important to invest in business insurance and cyber liability insurance to help limit the damage to your business in the event the security of your network is compromised.