Malware Infected Nearly 60 Million Home PCs In 2012

Malware Infected Nearly 60 Million Home PCs In 2012

Small businesses participating in the bring your own device trend should consider tech insurance, as malware infections on employees’ home PCs can create liability for these companies.

Nearly 60 million Americans had a malware infection on their home computer in 2012, leading to $4 billion in repair costs, according to the latest Consumer Reports’ Annual State of the Net Report.

“Our Annual State of the Net Report revealed that home computers are no safer than they were last year,” said Jeff Fox, technology editor at Consumer Reports.

Before allowing employees to use their home computers at work, small businesses should ensure they know how to protect against malware infections.

For one, employees should avoid downloading anything from untrustworthy websites. Oftentimes, people ignore the security warnings from their computers when downloading something, but these need to be taken seriously when using a PC at work.

Additionally, people should make sure that they always update their operating system and software when an update is available. By doing this, they are providing their home computer with up-to-date defense against malware infections.